Clarinet quartet was founded in October 2011 at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague by 4 students who wanted put "something interesting" together.
They used the fact that all of them are good clarinet players and some of them are also singers and the idea was born! Playing and also singing quartet. This was reason to set the name of quartet CANTARINA CLARINETE which means singing clarinets. Vocals and even the tones of clarinets are accurately illustrating the name because of the well known similarity for sound of clarinet to the human voice.  
The clarinet sound can express almost all mood, e.g. cheerful, sad, cynical, sarcastic, playful, funny, romantic, dreamy. No other instruments have such a wide range of colors and moods as the clarinet does. This is the reason why you can hear compositions which are originaly made for piano, orchestra, swing band, etc. at the our concerts. The quartet is composed of Hana Bahnikova, Jana Lahodna, Jana Cernohouzova, Vera Kestrankova. They play in 3 Bb clarinets and bass clarinet. 
The repertoire consists of classical arrangements of the most famous world and czech compositions of baroque, clasicism, romantism, popular and jazz genre. Also we have our own arrangements which are prepared for us by Zdenek Novak or Vera Kestrankova. In these arrangements we often use one or more voice singing. We have had a lot of successful performances at festivals and festive occasions, for example: Muzejní noc 2012, isaMusikfestival in Austria (2012), International Music Festival Dvorakova Praha (2013), Mahler Jihlava Music Festival (2014), traditional Christmas Concert in Rudolfinum (2016, 2017, 2018), Festival Golden Prague (2018). We were regularly artistically participating on handover of professors titles by czech president and in 2016 we played Czech National Anthem in live stream in occasion of floorball superfinal in O2 Arena.

CANTARINA CLARINETE is available for you for any occasions: weddings, openings, concerts and other ceremonies.

We are looking forward to seeing and hearing from you. Enjoy yourself. Your CC!!!

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